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Gasket Flange

Gasket Set Flange

Gasket Set Body

Gasket #2,#3, #4, Series Flange

Gasket #5 Series Body Gasket

#6 Series Body Gasket

Standard S.A. Armstrong Gaskets

Grundfos Gaskets and O-Rings

Taco Gaskets

B&G Gaskets

Custom Gaskets for Split Case PumpApplications

Assorted Gaskets in Show Room


1/2" T21 Ceramic Seat, EPDM

5/8" T21 Ceramic Seat, EPDM

3/4: T21 Ceramic Seat, EPDM

3/4" T21 Ceramic Seat, EPDM (B&G)

7/8" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/8" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/4" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/4" T21 Ceramic, EPDM (Conical)

1-3/8" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/2" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-5/8" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1-3/4" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

1 7/8" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

2" T21 Ceramic, EPDM

2 1/8" T21 Ceramic 

5/8" T6 Ceramic, EPDM

5/8" T6 Ceramic, EPDM (Large Seat)

3/4" T6 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/4" T6 Ceramic, EPDM

1/2" T68 Ceramic, EPDM

3/4" T68 Ceramic, EPDM

1/2" T21 Ceramic, Viton

5/8" T21 Ceramic, Viton

3/4" T21 Ceramic, Viton

7/8" T21 Ceramic, Viton

1-1/4" T21 Ceramic, Viton

1/4" T21 Ceramic, Viton (Conical)

1-3/8" T21 Ceramic, Viton

1-5/8" T21 Ceramic, Viton

1-3/4" T21 Ceramic, Viton

5/8" T6 Ceramic, Viton

5/8" T6 Ceramic, Viton (Large Seat)

3/4" T6 Ceramic, Viton

5/8" T68 Ceramic, Viton

1-1/4" T2 Carbon, EPDM

1-5/8" T2 Carbon, EPDM

1-3/4" T2 Ceramic, EPDM

2" T2 Ceramic, EPDM

2-3/8" T2 Ceramic, EPDM

3/4" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

7/8" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

15/16" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/8" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/4" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-3/8" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-1/2" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-5/8" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-3/4" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

1-7/8" T1 Ceramic, EPDM

2-1/8" T1 Tungsten, EPDM

2-1/4" T1 Tungsten, EPDM

2-5/8" T1 Tungsten

2-3/4" T1 Tungsten, EPDM


1-1/8" Outside Seal: Tungsten Carbide

1/5/8" Outside Seal: Tungsten Carbide

2-1/8" Outside Seal: Tungsten Carbide


1/12HP 115V Motor

1/4HP 115V Motor

1/3HP 115V Motor

1/6HP 115V Motor

3/4HP 115V Motor

1HP 115V Motor

1/2HP 115V Motor

Drive and Non-Drive End Bells

Stainless and Bronze Sleeves 

Key Stock

6 Black Electric Motors from 1/3 to 30 HP
Double Shafted 1/3 HP Motor
Single Shafted 1/3 HP Electric Motor


Inside Seals, Tungsten Carbide and Viton


4S4009392 Old Style VMS Seal

4S4043095 Old Style VMS Seal 18-36

190120-000 New Style VMS 03,05

190120-001 New Style VMS 10

190120-002 New Style VMS 18

190120-003 New Style VMS 32,45,64

190120-004 New Style VMS 32-9 To 32-10-1

810119-001 #2 Seal Bearing Asy C/W Impeller

810119-003 #3 Seal Bearing Assy C/W Impeller

816027-002 #4 Seal Bearing Assy

816032-000 #5 Seal Bearing Assy

816366-041 #6 Bearing Assy*

819359-002 4030 Bearing Frame (Old Small)

826768-000 4030 Bearing Frame (New Small)

Assorted Outside and Inside Seals


6203 to 6213-LL C3

6203 to 6214-ZZ C3

6307 to 6316-LL C3

6303 to 6316-ZZ C3

Pillow and Plumber Block Bearings Also Available for Fans/Air Handling Units 

Range of NTN Bearings Without Seals